As the world’s eyes continue to focus in on Asia, it is now more important than ever for students in this region to engage in debate, grow in leadership skills, and connect with one another.

Dear Delegates, Faculty, and Affiliates,

On behalf of the Executive Board, it is my honor to invite all of you to join us at the 16th Session of Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA). My name is Kaitlyn (Katie) Rabinovitz, and I am thrilled to be serving as President of HMCA 2020. I am a senior at Harvard College studying Social Studies, with a focus in Education. I grew up outside of Boston. 

Harvard Model Congress was founded in 1986 with the mission of civically educating secondary school students all over the world. Since our founding, HMC has spread to three different continents and has been hosted in over fifteen different cities. HMCA in particular was founded in 2004 to serve students around the Asian region. Our purpose was, and remains, to inspire young leaders to advocate for and create change on a local, national, and even global scale. 

This year is an exciting year of new beginnings for HMCA. We are pleased to announce that HMCA 2020 will be hosted for the first time in Japan, at the prestigious University of Tokyo. We are incredibly excited by this opportunity to collaborate with one of Asia’s most prestigious universities and cannot wait to welcome our delegates to this incredible city. Our conference has traditionally moved around Asia in an attempt to build more bridges with universities in the region and expose our programming to more students. An incredible metropolis that beautifully blends together both the old and new, we cannot think of a more well-suited new home for HMCA than Tokyo. 

Over the past 16 years, HMCA has brought together students from across Asia to engage in political debate, connecting them deeply with political issues facing their own counties and nations around the world. Throughout the conference we strive to connect our delegates not only to the issues they will discuss, but also with each other, forging cross-cultural friendships among future leaders. At HMCA, we help these future leaders to reach their full potential by encouraging critical thinking, collaboration, and enhancing public speaking skills. 

Many thanks to the University of Tokyo Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the University of Tokyo Debate Society for making this collaboration possible. Together, we are excited to make HMCA 2020 the best one yet. 

The board of HMCA 2020 is eager to welcome you to our next conference. Please reach out to our Faculty Liaison, Jordan, if you have any questions.


Kaitlyn M. Rabinovitz

President | Harvard Model Congress Asia 2020